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Windy Hill Pottery

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Beautiful Handcrafted Pottery from Colorado

Founder and artist, Tim Ingersoll is passionate about harmonizing creativity and utility to produce a unique line of cookware and serving vessels that are sturdy, dependable and gorgeous. Every creation is both unique and a functional piece of art. They are intended to be used in your every day life.

You can find Windy Hill Pottery at various Colorado arts festivals and local art and craft shows. See our schedule, or shop the online store.

Our Process

Windy Hill Pottery


An avid cook, Tim works hard to make his pottery pieces functional works of art. Depending on how the item should be used, he knows how the finished piece should feel and how much it should weigh. Each piece is created to be easy to use and intended to enhance the cooking process.

Windy Hill Pottery


Tim is constantly inspired by different and fresh ideas. He uses organic and natural shapes in his designs, and he has even made his own pottery tools to give all of his pieces a unique look and feel. Tim also recycles his unused clay to help reduce waste.

Windy Hill Pottery


Glazing can often be overlooked, but to Tim, the glaze is one of the most important aspects when it comes to making his pottery. By making his own glazes, he can better control the end look and ensure his pottery is food-safe. Aside from the glaze, the kiln itself determines how the colors set.

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Upcoming Events


You’ll find Windy Hill Pottery at many of the Colorado Art Festivals, as well as many local Art and Craft Shows. View our upcoming events calendar to see our pottery! We’ve announced our 2023 Summer Festival Schedule! Plan to stop by our booth at one of the many festivals planned this summer.  See our schedule for full details. 

Upcoming Events at Windy Hill Pottery
 Where To Find Our Pottery - Windy Hill Pottery

Where to Find Our Pottery


Come to our Gallery!  

Jill’s Feed and Country Supply at 125 Tabor Street, Elizabeth Colorado

I Love Grand Lake on Grand Ave. in Grand Lake, CO

Shop a small selection on our online store.

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Meet The Potter


I take special care to make sure Windy Hill Pottery does more than sit quietly on a shelf. As I design and throw, I consider everything from what shape best serves an item’s function, to how it balances in the hand.

Meet The Potter of Windy Hill Pottery